Technical Specifications
  RCS LP-3SP   0.5-60 gr/sec (.07-8 lb/min)  
  RCS LP-7   2-7 lbs/min (0.9-2 kg/min)  
  RCS LP-15   4-15 lbs/min (1.8-6.8 kg/min)  
  RCS LP-25   6-25 lbs/min (2.7-11.4 kg/min)  
  RCS LP-50   12-50 lbs/min (5.5-22.7 kg/min)  
  RCS LP100   25-100 lbs/min (11.4-45.5 kg/min)  
  Ratio Range/Variable   1:4 to 4:1  
  Temperature Accuracy   ± 2 deg. F  
  Power Supply   available in worldwide electrical voltages  
  Shop Air Requirements   80-120 PSIG  
  Dry Air Requirements   80-100 PSIG  
  Floor Space (with boom)   89” H x 67” W x 62” D  
Optional Mix Heads
  Part Number Type of Mix Head Model  
  53.30.10PS Parastat (Static) RCS LP-3SP & LP-7  
  53.30.10P Paradyne® (Static-Dynamic) RCS LP-3SP & LP-7  
  53.30.10 No. 1 (Dynamic) RCS LP-3SP & LP-7  
  53.30.20 No. 2 (Dynamic) RCS LP-15 to LP-50  
  53.30.30 No. 3 (Dynamic) RCS LP-50 to LP-100  
  53.30.40 No. 4 (Dynamic) RCS LP-200  
Configurable Options
  Remote Pendant
  AutoFill Control System
  AutoFill Pump System
  Air Agitator, Variable Speed
  Electric Agitator, Fixed Speed
  Nucleation Injection System
  After Dispense Air Puff with Sequencing
  Air Actuated Anti-Drip Valve

Mix Head Air Nucleation (automatic or manual)

  Solvent Purge with Tank
  Hot Water Purge with Tank
  High Flow Tempering Loop System
  Temperature Control System
  Heating System
  Pneumatic Boom Assembly
  Seal Flush Kit
  Four-component dynamic Mix Head
  Magnet Drive Coupling
  Flow Monitoring System
  Closed Loop Control
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